CTG Technical Sales was incorporated in 1999, by Charles T. Gamble, Jr. The basis of CTG Technical Sales company Philosophy dates back to Charles T. Gamble, Sr. (Charlie).

Charlie first started in the electronic component development market with RCA Camden and continued with ITE Circuit Breakers in Philadelphia. Charlie developed a thirst for knowledge about the electronics age. He created a company to manufacture wire-wound resistors and developed and patented the first totally encapsulated precision resistor.

Charlie the engineer, investor, and business man also had one more valuable trait: He was a people person. As the business grew, Charlie brought his two sons into the business and made sure we knew his business philosophy, which was to know your products, create value, listen to your customers, and most importantly, perform a service to your customers. This leads us to our present day manufacturing sales organization. CTGTS was formed under the philosophy set down by Charlie 50 years ago. We are now located in Moorestown , NJ.